About the Book

"Tort Wars" is a non-fiction book about the trials and cases handled by the author in his 46-year career in the courts of the State of Florida. It is a book that is written not just for lawyers, although lawyers will have a hard time putting it down. It has numerous instances of insurance companies engaging in bad faith. The book names names and outlines just what bad faith is.

The opening story in "Tort Wars" concerns the death of a Mexican migrant worker. The case ultimately resulted in not only justice for the family of Maximiano Ayala, but also a major change in the laws of the State of Florida with a benefit to the society in general.

The last story in the book is also about a death. The book is dedicated, in part, to two teenaged girls who were killed in a horrific crash on Highway 70 in St. Lucie County, Florida, in 2018. The case takes you from the night of the crash all the way through the trial in federal court. Thereafter, it takes you to Michigan where an effort was made, with some success, to bust the trust of the extremely negligent man who caused this crash.

The book is about more than auto crashes and death, however. There is a case about an actionable sexual assault and a couple of cases regarding fraud. There are stories of siblings treating each other horribly. Products liability also is well represented. In short, the book is about everything except rock and roll. It is not a short missive. The book is 444-pages long and is designed to keep the interest of the reader whether you are an attorney, someone who wanted to go to law school, or just someone who wanted to know what your rights are - or at least what they used to be.

The Florida legislature enacted draconian measures affecting tort law in Florida in March of 2023. These laws will certainly be subject to court challenges; however, they do tremendously shorten the statute of limitations as well as make other changes which will negatively affect the rights of injured people in the State of Florida in the future. Unfortunately, that might be the subject of a future book.

You'll be hooked from the first chapter. Purchase your copy from Amazon or Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble or Vero Beach Book Center today. In addition, the book is available from amazon in Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and across Latin America.

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The audio book is in production and is expected to be released in November.


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'Tort Wars' garnering 5 star reviews!

Thanks to those readers who have taken time to write reviews after they've read the book. To date there have been 11 reviews on Amazon, all five stars!

"I really enjoyed reading this book! Highly recommend for anyone interested in how our legal system works and how one man has gone above and beyond for his clients!! Very inciteful...he didn't let big name insurance companies under award his clients!! Could have used his services multiple times!!"


"A relative of the author gave me a copy of the book. She thought I would find it interesting and enjoyable since I spent many years as a judge before I entered into retirement. I found the book to be unique as it provides a great insight to young lawyers entering the legal profession. It provides an excellent roadmap as to what to expect, in most cases, as their career begins and develops. The behind-the-scenes described in the cases the author represented gives a realistic picture as to what actually occurs as well as what it takes to be successful. For the lay person, being able to look behind the curtain and learn what actually transpires from the beginning of a case until its conclusion is really an eye opener. I found the writing style by the author made an enjoyable read."

- Will Woodson

"When I learned that my name was in Roger's book, I purchased it through Amazon. Upon receiving it I immediately began reading. I found that the events described in the book, that I am personally aware of, are so accurate that I am sure that the reader will benefit from learning the real truth about the events described. In addition, Roger adds the human touch to his writings with his knowledge, understanding and compassion. He can truly be considered an honor to his profession. I wholeheartedly recommend this book."

- Tony Valicenti